CO2 aware lights


This project is about being able to feel how clean/dirty is the electricity we use currently, in order to adapt our electricity usage accordingly and reduce our carbon footprint. We do that by hacking color changing lights to visualize the current carbon intensity in the electricity consumed locally (gCO2/kWh).
We have built a proof-of-concept in the Svalin co-housing commmunity in Roskilde, Denmark. The system is composed of 19 Philipp’s Hue lamps, which can change colors using a color map (typically red to green) according to the carbon intensity in the electrical network. The carbon intensity is retreaved from the API (same data as in Currently the system is composed of a meteor front end and a python back-end to control the lights. It was successfully deployed using a raspberry pi and later using a Synology NAS.
The prototype currently lives here:

Future plans:
To refactor the code to separate the backend from the front end in two repos. This might be accelerated if someone else express their interest in reusing the code.
There is also an ongoing effort to extend the code to be able to use local electricity measurements from the positive energy houses to calculate the local carbon intensity, taking into account the local consumption and production of each house and the regional carbon intensity. This extension is part of the EnergyCollective project.

More info about the CO2 light project:


New article in Danish about the prototype developed in the Svalin co housing community: