AI WTG DESIGNS Open Source Wind Turbine


Open source wind turbine for prototyping & testing. Ever been frustrated with lack of access to a real full scale wind turbine measurements to verify and validate your numerical models? Ever been frustrated with being denied access to a real full scale wind turbine platform to test your latest control features, or sensor or aerodynamic enhancing gadget, or hardware, or software, etc.? AI WTG DESIGNS community owns and manages a 7kW 12.9 meters rotor diameter (variable speed variable pitch) open source wind turbine for prototyping & testing to solve the aforementioned frustrating situations. The open source wind turbine is very representative of modern turbines!


This is really a great initiative! Finally this is a relaity!


Did you buy the turbine yet? What are your plans with it?


We are at the moment installing all the sensors to measure loads, power, performance, wind speed, etc. We finish the installation in the next 1-2 months. Once this stage is complete we proceed with the purchase talks. However, we already have an agreement that we can buy the turbines (there are two on that site) at any time for less than 5000CHF each.
There is not ethernet cable connection to the site, but there is 4G cellular network connection, which we can use for remote connection, Blockchainy stuff, data transmission and storage, etc.